According to Billboard, Garth Brooks' press conference today at 11am central will feature an announcement of a new deal with Sony Nashville that will include a new album and a massive tour which Billboard calls "a global tour of gigantic proportions."

While we won't know for sure what the full details of the announcement will be until after the press conference starts, this is definitely some news to get excited about. Will you catch Garth on tour if he comes near here?

UPDATE (11:45am):
Doug Morris, the CEO of Sony Music Entertainment, was the first speaker at the press conference and confirmed that Garth Brooks has a new record deal with Sony Music. Doug listed off many of Garth's lifetime accomplishments and welcomed him to the Sony Music family and the stage.

Garth Brooks admitted that he was feeling scared and old about the second half of his career. He confirmed that there will be new music coming with a new producer as his old producer has retired but he can't tell you when the new music will be coming.

As many people know, Garth has never allowed his music to be sold digitally. He shared that his music will be available digitally within the next few weeks and will be handled at That will be the only way to get the digital music.

As for the tour, he hopes to give you a show that will make you forget all the shows in the 90's. The opening city will be announced shortly after July 14th.

Garth shared a story about a guy named Andy who asked him a question during one of his live shows in Las Vegas over the new year asking where the opening city would be on the world tour. Garth told the boy to leave his information and they would tell him first city on the world tour when they knew what it was. Garth will call Andy on July 14th and he is allowing Andy to decide what to do with that information. After Garth has notified Andy, the official announcement will quickly follow.

Garth says the video screen on the tour will be 255 feet wide and 20 feet tall. Also, new music will be out sometime in the next two months (maybe by the end of the month) and the album will be out around "Black Friday."

New album will be a double album and he feels like he is getting his ass kicked by song writers today. He says "I feel like we're cutting everything but Garth Brooks music. The Level of songwriting stunned me. I hope that's because I'm rusty and not because I suck..." He went on to say, "This album holds a song on it that might take the place of 'The Dance' for me as my favorite Garth Brooks song... and I didn't write it."

First digital push will allow the fans who have waited this long to get it at a stupid low price.

How does his music fit into Country Music today? He says it's not "Bro Country" or "Hick Hop." He says it's Garth Music.

Source: Billboard
Photo: Getty Images