We all have dreams. We all have goals we would like to reach or things we would like to accomplish in our lives. The problem in life isn't whether or not we have a dream, the problem is actually ACCOMPLISHING that dream. One of the biggest struggles in life is bridging the gap between having a goal and actually reaching that goal. This list may not magically bridge that gap, but it can give you 10 tips to help pave your pathway to success.

1. No Excuses Allowed
Too often we sit back and make excuses for ourselves. We tell ourselves our dreams are too big or we don't have enough time or somehow it just can't work…STOP. Stop telling yourself NO and start telling yourself YES. Stop telling yourself that there are things in your way and start knocking down those obstacles. If you don't tell yourself you CAN you never WILL.

2. Have Faith
You will never get anywhere if you don't believe in your dreams and your goals. Believe that you can accomplish your goals and believe that you WILL accomplish your goals. Without some faith in yourself you won't get anywhere at all.

3. Own Up To Your Mistakes
It's okay to be wrong. Don't obsess over always being right--it will get you nowhere. Tell yourself that it's okay that you've made mistakes and learn to own up to them. The real key is owning up to those mistakes, taking them into consideration and then learning from them.

4. Wake Up Early, Stay Up Late
Never be afraid of a little sleep deprivation. In order to accomplish anything you need to work hard. In order to work hard you may have to wake up early and stay up late--and that's alright.

5. Work, Work, Work
Never be lazy. One of the key pieces to success is eliminating any laziness and working as hard as you possibly can. You will never get anywhere sitting on your couch at home and just THINKING about your dreams--go out and take action.

6. Keep Your Mind Set
Keep your mind set on your dreams and goals--and never let them leave your mind. You need to always keep your dreams and goals on the horizon so you never lose sight of them.

7. Take Risks
Take a chance. You know the old saying, "You never know until you try"--it's true. You will never know what you can't--or can--do until you try. So never be nervous to go out on a ledge and try something new.

8. Be Selfless
Don't ever just keep the focus on yourself. Never become so set on yourself that you lose sight of the world around you. Learn to give back to others and set your goals and dreams to also help make the world around you a better place or better the lives of the people around you.

9. Never Stop Learning
Never, ever stop learning. Never stop educating yourself and using the world around you to further your knowledge. Knowledge and an open mind are two extremely important pieces needed to be successful and actually accomplish your goals.

10. Be Fearless
The biggest problem that stands between people and their dreams is fear. Too often people are afraid of what might happen if they fail…but what if you succeed? What if you're so afraid of failure that you don't try and so then you also miss your chance of success? Wake up every single day and tell yourself that you're fearless and you're going to start believing it. Take whatever chance, opportunity or adventure comes your way and throw yourself into that 100%. Don't be afraid of putting yourself out there and moving past your comfort zone. Never, ever be afraid of something new.

So there it is--10 tips on how to be successful. But the list does not stop here, it only starts the ball rolling. Take this list, go out into the world and experience new things…make huge mistakes, pick yourself back up, never stop learning, move past your comfort zone, take chances, be fearless and make your goals and dreams come true.