Whether it be Blake Shelton's sexy voice or Miranda Lambert's beautiful confidence, there is something about this couple that people are falling in love with. Men's Health recently announced their Top 20 Hottest Celebrity Couples list and this hot country couple has landed No. 7.

Something about this couple sets them apart. One unique quality is Miranda's note-worthy refusal to stick to Hollywood's "status quo". Miranda proves that women do not have to be stick-thin to be beautiful--a confidence that must be cherished in our society.

Miranda has always been an inspiration. In an Access Hollywood interview, Miranda discusses the pressures of the music world and claims she is proud of her curves and her size 8 "normal" body. She discusses the fact that confidence in her body and her weight is what really matters--and that rings so true.

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Not only is Miranda's refusal to succumb to society's expectations of women note-worthy, but Blake's love for Miranda is something extraordinary. Blake is not just supportive and loving to Miranda, but the way he talks about her is in such a way women dream about. In a Redbook interview, Blake was asked what made him realize he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Miranda. Blake answered, "I never set out at any point in my life and said to myself, "I want this kind of girl." I met Miranda, and she just was that girl. I'm screwed now that I've met her, because I don't know who could be better for me in my eyes and my mind."

There is something so inexplicably beautiful about this couple--the closest to perfection you can find. The best part is not the hotness found on the outside, but rather what lies within. This couple's unique confidence, amazing talent, rare originality--and most importantly love--is what makes them reach beyond any "Hottest Celebrity Couples" list. This couple proves to us that true love can exist in this world. How hot is that?