As many people know, Brad Paisley is a self proclaimed big tech nerd so it's not odd to find him visiting the Google campus in Mountain View, California for one of their Google Talks. The interview was moderated by Dana Vetter, a Music Marketing Program Manager at You Tube.

Paisley's Google Talk was 30 minutes long and they covered many topics including his video for "Southern Comfort Zone" which he edited himself featuring video shot in 8 different countries in 8 days, his work life balance and his propensity for pranking.

If you only have a couple of minutes, I recommend you watch the interview starting at the 22 minute mark where Paisley talks about pranking Kellie Pickler and a hilarious but awful prank he pulled on his mother when he was 5 years old.

Near the end of the interview, Paisley hints at something big coming in relation to his current single, "I Can't Change The World". He stated he couldn't announce exactly what it was they are working on, but it will solidify the imagery that the single portrays, "Make your life matter, make some else's life better." We should hear more in the next couple of weeks, but Paisley also says, if you don't hear anything about it, that means it didn't happen.