It doesn't get much better than amazing new talent emerging in country music. One artist just breaking the ice into the country music world is Drake White. White, both original and unique, is making his journey to Nashville--gaining new listeners from his very first steps on the way there.

Drake White, with newly-released singles such as "The Simple Life" and "50 Years Too Late" lead us to believe that this artist is more than worth the listen. Both songs feature an incredible tune with genuine and memorable lyrics to match.

In his single, "The Simple Life" White proclaims, "I said I'm a fan of beer ice cold / Waving at my neighbor when I meet him on the road / Kissing on my woman in the moon light / Yeah, I'm a fan of the simple life." Although simplicity is found in his lyrics, they ring so true with what the American ideas of happiness truly are--something we can all relate to.

As Drake's passionate voice blares into my headphones I know his first few steps into Nashville are just the very beginning for this incredible emerging artist. And I wholeheartedly promise you this: his journey will be one worth following.