Garth Brooks will be featured in a rare live broadcast concert special, "Garth Brooks, Live from Las Vegas" celebrating the final performance of his one man show at the Wynn Las Vegas. This concert special will feature Brooks as he takes the audience through his own musical story that led him to be the country music superstar he is today.

Garth will not only give the audience the opportunity to hear all of his own classic hits, but will also tell the audience the story of the musical inspirations that led him through his own musical journey and helped create his own unique voice. Brooks' musical influences include talents like Simon & Garfunkle, James Taylor, George Strait, Otis Redding and many others.

"Blame it all on my roots," Brooks disclosed, "This is the soundtrack of my life. Growing up the last of six kids, music was the life blood of our family and as you can imagine, mom, dad, and each kid had his or her own favorite stuff and it all funneled down to me." 

You can catch the concert special on Friday, November 29th (9:00-11:00 LIVE ET) on CBS.

Photo: Getty Images