Kacey Musgraves has done it again. She has captured my heart, her voice has reached into the very depths of my soul and touched me with every single song on her soon to be released CD. Her new CD, "Same Trailer Different Park" is absolutely incredible.

I would be lying if I said that I didn't tear up a little as I listened to her songs. She capitalizes on her coined lyrics from her hit-song "Merry Go Round", "Same hurt in every heart" and works to relate to every single person--regardless of gender, age, background and every other difference in between.

Her songs vary from discussing heartbreak to discussing happiness to discussing empowerment and dreams coming true. Her songs, "Stupid," and "I Miss You," are both remarkable songs targeted to pull at the regret you may have in your life. Her song "Back on the Map," touches on personal struggle--a desperate cry from a lonely and lost place we all have been. And my personal favorite, "Follow Your Arrow," carries an unique tune and lyrically touched me in a way no song has previous to this one. She captured every feeling I had once thought inexplicable and made it into a song.

Not only does her CD feature beautiful and thought-provoking lyrics, but each song holds its own unique and individual tune--carrying a different tone throughout the CD. As each song blares into my headphones, her adventure is told and becomes my own adventure. Her music somehow tells my own story, each song expressing my own love, loss, happiness and every other feeling and memory in between.

This CD is more than just good music, I feel like it is a privilege to listen to and a gift to the music world. I urge you to go buy "Same Trailer Different Park" on Tuesday, March 19th. I can whole-heartedly promise you that you will never, ever be the same.