Kayla Slone's dreams are coming true all because her friend recorded her singing Dolly Parton tunes while working her checkout aisle at a Walmart in West Virginia. Here is a video of her singing Dolly Parton's "Coat Of Many Colors".

Since this video went out on YouTube, Kayla’s story has been on Good Morning America, NBC and most recently Anderson Cooper Live. Watch Kayla's interview below.

During the interview, Dierks Bentley surprised her with a phone call and MORE. He started off with "I'm a huge fan. Like so many people, I saw the video, and, gosh, I just love your singing, your voice, it's such a great traditional country voice. It was really refreshing and I wanted to just call and tell you that I'm a fan and enjoyed your story." Dierks even went on to say they needed to sing together! To this Kayla responded with "Well come get me! I'm ready!"

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n addition to this, Dierks also surprised her with tickets to the ACM's, an ACM pre-party that he is throwing, ACM Fan Jam PLUS tickets to fly to Vegas!

Kayla's dream is for her singing career to take off so she can get her husband out of the coal mines. This is likely a good start!