Kenny Chesney has established a Boston Relief Fund called Spread The Love: A Fund For Boston thats purpose is helping to pay for prosthetics and post-acute care for bombing victims and is coordinated through the Boston Medical Center.

The fund, which was launched with a 'sizable' donation from Kenny, will be funded in part by sales from the song "Spread The Love" on his new album (which is out now!), as well as direct donations.

Kenny says "Music can be healing. When you're at your lowest, it can inspire - the way these athletes, their friends, family and the city of Boston inspire me. I want to give back to the ones who need it, but also to heal all of us a little bit. So, spread the love."

"BMC cared for many patients most seriously injured in the Boston Marathon bombings, patients who have a long journey of recovery ahead. Over time, the spotlight will fade, but their needs will go on. We thank Mr. Chesney for stepping forward to make sure these and all the Marathon patients have all the support they need over the long haul." says Kate Walsh, BMC President/CEO.

For more information on how you can be apart of "Spread The Love: A Fund For Boston", you can buy Kenny's song "Spread The Love" or by clicking here to make a direct donation.