Gardening is so much harder than it seems. I remember when I was just eight years old and wanted my own garden SO BADLY. My neighbor was an exceptional gardener and took me under her wing for the gardening season--helping me create my own vegetable and flower garden. I remember my eight year old self so surprised at all the hard work that had to go into those two simple gardens I had.

Although I have gotten older, gardening has really not gotten any easier. Gardening is not simply throwing some seeds in the ground and BAM the veggies are right there. There are so many different little details that go into making a successful garden. As gardening season progresses, I'd like to share 10 simple tips on how to make your garden as successful as possible in the EASIEST ways!

1. Use leftover coffee or tea grounds for your soil--this may seem a little weird, but the leftover coffee and tea grounds provide the soil with a little more oomph, enriching it for all your plants.

2. Use leftover water from your steamed veggies to water your potted patio plants. Now this may seem incredibly odd, but using this leftover water from your steamed veggies for dinner can really help give your patio potted plants more nutrients.

3. Make SURE you are using proper fertilizers. Using the proper fertilizer is incredibly important. Too many people use the wrong fertilizer and end up either ruining their garden or making their crop less successful than it could have been. Talk to your local garden center about which fertilizer is best for what you are gardening.

4. Water, water, water. Although this may seem like an incredibly easy task to do, few people water their plants correctly. Finding the balance between watering your plants too much, too little and just the right amount is a hard task. Make sure you take into account how the weather has been behaving and alter your watering according to how much it has rained. Find that perfect amount of watering and stick to it.

5. USE COMPOST. You need to make sure you are always creating compost to use for your garden. Creating the compost is very easy if you remain dedicated to it. Spreading it around the plants can help ward off disease and release micronutrients. Compost is incredibly important to having a successful garden.

6. Make sure you are gardening the RIGHT plants. Make sure you do a little research on what works best in your soil and the environment that you are planning on having your garden. Talk with your local gardening center experts about what plants work best in the soil you have. The only way to have a successful garden is to make sure you grow what is right for your environment.

7. Use mulch. Mulch is like the protective barrier for all of your plants. Make sure to choose the right mulch and it can hep conserve water, moderate the temperature and help ward off any soil-borne diseases that can ruin your plants.

8. Use the proper tools. Make sure you are using the proper tools while tending to your garden. Too often gardeners use the wrong tools and end up harming their plants or ruining their garden. Long-handled tools work best if your garden is big and short-handled tools work better if your garden is smaller. Make sure to also buy tools that work best for you and you can grip and use easily.

9. Weed EARLY and OFTEN. Make sure you are ALWAYS watching out for weeds in your garden. These weeds are going to be huge problems if you do not get rid of them. Make sure to always check for the weeds and pull them out as soon as you can.

10. Spend the time. I cannot put more emphasis on this tip. Make sure to spend the time on your garden. If you do not devote time to it, it will not be successful at all. The best gardens come from gardeners who put time into the garden, put effort into the garden and show the garden as much love as possible!

Photo by celesteh on Flickr