The WTF I am referring to is not the same WTF that you might be thinking! I am talking about WHAT THE (drumroll) FOCUS. Do you ever feel like you are chasing your tail day in and day out?  Do you ever look at the clock and think, whoa, where has the day gone? Are you feeling stagnant in your career or stagnant in life as a whole? Do you feel like you are super “busy” but you still can’t get everything done?

Let’s dive into the word, “busy.”  I am here, right now, to shine a HUGE spotlight on the word “busy” and how “busy” can keep you from living your best life in FOCUS. I think lots of people can become almost addicted to “busy.” Let’s face it, it feels good to be needed by others as we answer our cellphones, take our kids to track practice, respond to texts, respond to Facebook messages, etc. I challenge you to ask yourself this question; are all of the things I am spending my time on helping me lead the life I desire? Is what I am doing in this moment adding to my quality of life, or subtracting from my quality of life? Time is your most valuable commodity as a human being. You give it away, and you can’t get it back; spend it wisely; and protect it.

Have you ever considered all of things you (and you alone) do each day?  Do yourself a favor and write them all down. Dump it all out on to a sheet of notebook paper. From feeding the dog, to spending time on Facebook, to making lunches for your kids, to watching TV, to locking up the house at the end of the night; if you are anything like me, your list is probably incredibly long.

Over the last few years, my personal list seems to grow and grow. Managing that list has gotten more and more challenging. One of the things I have been working on myself, is simplifying LIFE, and narrowing down specific roles in life. I meet with a mastermind team of business owners every week on a conference call, to stay accountable to one another, so we can MOVE the needle forward in our lives and in our businesses; FOCUSED. We are crossing things off of our lists that do not help us move the needle toward our life goals.  Along with that, we are identifying our true roles in life. Let me explain this a little deeper.

Quick rewind; when I actually sat down to make my list, I was blown away. I was sitting in my office on the floor (yes, I am a floor sitter) with my assistant, on a chilly Minnesota day. We were both trying to wrap our minds around my INSANE schedule. I was driving here, driving there, teaching classes here, teaching there, personal training, nutrition counseling, all while trying to juggle being a wife and a mom---it was CRAZY! Meanwhile, my house was a mess, I was constantly frazzled, and I wasn’t hitting any of my goals. It was eye opening, uncomfortable, and even a little embarrassing to see where my time was misplaced.

OK, so back to my mastermind team; the WTF concept is not my original idea.  In fact, a colleague of mine recently attended a Franklin Covey training and she brought this fabulous information to our attention on one of our weekly calls.  Here is the deal, Franklin Covey believes, one can only be extraordinary in 5-7 roles in life. So, you might be reading this and saying, Nickie, what do you mean “roles in life?” To clarify, I will share MY roles in life with you so you can get a better understanding of what I mean. 

Here are my roles (these are not ranked, there is no need to rank our roles! Boom, just lay them out): 



Primary caretaker for a child with type 1 diabetes

Business owner

Group fitness instructor

Beachbody Coach

Family Cook

As you can see, I had to break down my role as a Mom, into 3 parts. I have a child with a chronic disease that needs constant management. That is a non-negotiable role for me, and it is more than just “mom.” Same with family cook.  At first, I thought of that as a fraction of being “mom.” Wrong. Eating nutritious meals is a huge passion of mine, and another non-negotiable. When I started struggling with getting meals on the table and getting to the grocery store, I realized I had to assign “Family Cook” it’s own “role.” Make sense? 

Keep in mind, your roles can change and evolve along the way. This list you make today, is not set in stone. As life moves forward, certain roles must drop from your list as you add other roles. Maybe you take on a short-term part-time job, maybe you take an extra class at school; get the point? In order to be successful with this, as you add new roles to your list you must simultaneously remove other roles, if you want to be successful. Make sense? Good news, with this WTF concept, YOU (and you alone!) get to decide what stays on your plate, but in order to do anything well in life, you must keep that list between 5-7 roles. Got it?

Your call to action:

1.Identify your own roles. Write down as many or as few as you can think of. (When I did this the first time, my list was incredibly long. I was spreading myself way too thin. I had to pare my list of roles down carefully to get it to look like it does today.

2. Write down your goals in life. THINK BIG! Dream BIG! Why not?  It is YOUR life J

3. Narrow your roles down to a list of 5-7 roles.

What role or roles can you hone in that will help MOVE the needle toward your goals?

OK, so now you have your roles. Now it is time to put your foot on the gas pedal within your roles, and jump into your life with both feet. Make sense? Organize and tackle the necessary steps above so you can live an extraordinary life while constantly saying WTF! ;)