If Halloween snuck up once again on you this year (like it did to me) you have no need to panic. I love throwing a Halloween party, but I am seriously the worst planner. Sound like you? If so, I have five tips to throw the best Halloween party without pre-planning weeks in advance.

1. Food: Don’t make everything homemade…this is IMPORTANT! I love making things from scratch for my own bragging rights, but you can make delicious food without taking hours and hours to do so. This Real Simple page features 13 easy Halloween party recipes that will be sure to make your guests love you. 


2. Decorations: The very best part about late planning is that most Halloween decorations are now on major sale. Head over to Target or your favorite store and stock up on Halloween decoration essentials. Make sure your house is decked out with things like spider webs to create the Halloween mood. Also, to set the mood play some creepy music or have classic Halloween movies playing on your TV!

3. DIY Costume: If you don't want to go as detailed as some DIY costumes, I have an even easier route. Dress up like something as easy as a cat. I promise you can find everything you need in your own closet. Throw on some black skinny jeans, a black shirt, black heels or boots and some cat ears. This is a cute, but super easy costume. 

4. Drinks: You need good drinks for a good Halloween party. This Food Network webpage features tons of “creepy cocktails” and non-alcoholic Halloween beverages as well.


5. Make it SIMPLE: This is my last, but most important piece of advice. You need to make sure you simplify things. The best Halloween parties I have attended are not incredibly detailed, just make sure you have great food, good drinks, some themed music and some creepy decor and I promise you it will be perfect!