1. Start out by prepping your canvas – lightly exfoliate your lips to ensure a smooth finish. Make your own exfoliant by adding some sugar to honey or lip gloss.

2. Moisturize! Apply your favorite lip balm and let it soak in. Use a tissue to blot off excess.

3. Whether you’re going for a bold look or a subtle nude, pick up a lip liner that matches the lip color you’ll be applying. Use the lip liner to not only line around your lips, but to also color in all over the lips. This acts almost as a primer for the lipstick.

4.  Apply your lip color right on top of the liner. Be sure not to add too much product – this will decrease the lasting power and cause it to come off prematurely. Using a lip brush rather than applying it directly from the tube gives you optimal control and helps blend it into the texture of your lips.

5. Place a tissue over your lips and pat on translucent powder to set the lip color. The tissue will allow the powder to seep through onto the lips without taking off the color.

6. If you want a matte look, add a bit more powder. To give the lips a shiny finish, grab your favorite lip gloss and sweep it across.

Now you’re set! Your lips are perfectly prepped for any Valentine’s kiss that may come your way.




Ashley, Jacqueline & Em