There is no better time in fashion than now to embrace a quirky pair of glasses. So go forth and pick a style that best suits your unique face shape. Here are some tips:


Square face: Strong, prominent jaw line, square chin and broad forehead.

-Avoid glasses with hard lines and angles. These may make your face look boxy.

-Look for glasses with frames slightly wider than the widest part of your face for appropriate proportions.

-Round frames, cat-eye and pilot shapes will best flatter a square face.


Heart-shaped face: Broader forehead with narrow chin and jaw.

-Choose frames that are wider at the bottom to minimize width at the top of the face.

-Pick a shape that complements the width difference of the face by choosing frames with a straight top and subtle wings.


Oval face: Balanced features with a chin slightly narrower than the forehead.

-Square, rectangle or upswept glasses will offset a rounded face.

-Oval is a versatile shape but pay close attention to scale. Frames that are too big or too small will throw off the face’s balance.


Oblong face: The length of the face exceeds the width and features are rounded.

-Choose larger frames to break up a longer face

-Rounded, wrap frames are recommended. Draw inspiration from the aviator look.


Round face: The width and length of the face are almost equal.

-Pick frames that are angled, structured and slim

-Frames that are wider than they are deep are suggested

-Wide, dark frames are suggested

-Try frames with a slight upsweep at the corners


Picking frames can be a challenge, but we hope these tips will steer you in the right direction. The best part about looking this good is how well you'll be able to appreciate the sight!