Everybody needs that little caffeine jolt from time to time. Whether you're an avid coffee drinker or just visit a coffee shop every once in a while, there's always that lingering question--What should I order? As a former barista and avid coffee drinker, I still struggle with ordering. Coffee shops are so overwhelming. There's always a huge menu board with so many different drink combinations and choices you can make. But which one is right for you? As a coffee connoisseur, I think I may have the answer to your question.

If you're in the mood for something sweet, but not incredibly overwhelming, a mocha is the right choice. Every single coffee shop has their own mocha. Don't overload the drink with tons of different flavor shots or boosts, a mocha in itself is sure to give you the caffeine jolt you need as well as satisfy your sweet tooth. And if you don't like dark chocolate, a white mocha is perfect!

If you want something with espresso, but not quite as sweet as a mocha, try a latte. A latte will have enough steamed milk to offset the bitterness of the espresso, but will still give you the caffeine you need. The best coffee shops will include beautiful latte art using the foam on top your latte. If you want to mix things up a little try a flavor shot of caramel, hazelnut, vanilla or something summery like coconut!

If you want something with a lot of caffeine and just a hint of sweetness, you should try an americano. An americano has shots of espresso poured over hot water. Although this may sound the furthest thing from sweet, the crema (the light-colored foam on top of the espresso) holds sweetness in it. Americanos are generally a little sweeter than just black coffee and also have more caffeine.

And if you're the person who just likes black coffee, find the PERFECT brew for you! You can choose light, medium or dark roasts. Generally, the shorter amount of time the coffee bean is roasted (the lighter the roast) the more the coffee bean's natural flavors will shine through. Maybe you want to switch things up a little in your black coffee? Add a splash of almond or soy milk or just half a flavor shot to give it that little oomph you might need.

Whatever your coffee choice may be, find your niche. The best part about coffee is that there's always a new and different option you can make! Grab a friend, find a new coffee shop or visit your favorite one, order something delicious and enjoy.