Can I wear makeup at the beach?
So many times I've struggled with the question, "Should I take off my makeup for the beach or leave it on?" The answer is that you CAN keep on your makeup…but make sure you use it sparingly. Maybe a little waterproof mascara, some mineral foundation and a little bronzer--but nothing crazy! Keep away from the thick creamy foundations and eyeliners and try to make it look as natural as possible!

What's the best swimsuit for me?
Women are always wondering what the best swimsuit is for them. Stores are stocked full of swimsuits of every kind--but which suit is best for you? Try to find a suit that accentuates your favorite parts of your body. Most importantly, look for a swimsuit that you feel comfortable in! Also, find a swimsuit that lays right on your body.

I've heard that it's better for my hair to not wash it everyday--is that true?
This IS TRUE! I couldn't believe it myself for awhile, but after I consulted some experts and my personal stylist, I learned that it is definitely better for your hair to not wash it every single day. Although the habit may be hard to break, know that your hair will be much healthier if you give your hair and your scalp a little break. If you really feel like your hair needs something try some dry shampoo!

How can I get beautiful summer skin without spending tons of money on facials and products?
Make your own face mask! Nothing is better than a DIY face mask or scrub! If you want to exfoliate your face blend together 3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil, 2 tablespoons of honey and 1/2 cup of sugar. This scrub will help rid your face of any dead skin cells and also work to help add more moisture into your skin!

Spending so much time outside is frying my hair--what do I do?
Not only can you skin be damaged by the sun, but your hair can too. One of the biggest issues women face in the summer is their hair becoming dry and straw-like due to the sun. Make sure to work in a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner into your hair-washing regimen at least once a week. You can also prep your hair before you go to the beach by using a protective spray that will help protect your luscious locks from the UV rays. Another easy fix is working a little sunscreen through your hair while you're at the beach so that it won't dry out in the sun.

Photo by Ronald Tagra