It’s nearly Spring Break time here in MN!  Many of you are day dreaming right now of sandy beaches, pina coladas and sunshine. You’ve shopped for your new sandals and swimwear. The dressing room mirror reminded you of something--what are you supposed to do about all that unwanted hair?! Whether you are a Brazilian wax virgin or you’ve been in love with that smooth, clean feeling for years, there are a few things you need to know to make the most of your Brazilian wax.


1.  First and foremost, go to a pro
Brazilian waxing requires a higher level of skill than most other waxing services. Even if a salon has this on their menu, it doesn’t mean the Esthetician has any experience performing this service! Find your Brazilian waxer by asking your friends and co-workers for a referral or by reading online reviews, such as Yelp. Call the Esthetician you are researching and ask about the wax she uses, her sanitation procedures, and how many brazilians she does per week. This is a great way to get a sense of her professionalism, experience and personality. You want someone who is going to make you feel very comfortable and confident that you are in capable hands.


2.  Schedule Smart
Choose a day and time where you can relax after your appointment. Office work, running errands, and shopping is generally fine, but you’ll want to be able to wear comfortable clothing afterwards. A long dress or loose slacks are ideal. Putting on tight leggings or Spanx is definitely not. You’ll want to avoid anything that involves heat and that means working out, hot baths, UV exposure, and yes--sexual activity. 

Hormones, caffeine and alcohol consumption make a big difference in your sensitivity level.  Therefore it’s best to cut back on both the 24 hours before your appointment and plan your wax mid way through your cycle. However, if you get a surprise period the day of your appointment don’t worry. Lastly, taking a couple of Ibuprofen about 30-60 minutes before your appointment can really take the edge off and help your skin recover faster because of it’s anti-inflammatory properties.  

If this is your first Brazilian, be sure your hair is the right length. ¼ inch is perfect, about the length of a grain of rice. If you’ve been shaving, you’ll need to let it grow for two weeks so it’s long enough for the wax to pick up. If you’ve been letting yourself be all natural, you’ll want to trim the hair back to ¼ inch. I recommend using a small electric mustache trimmer or one of the new models specifically for trimming bikini areas. If you’re not comfortable or are unable to trim yourself, don’t fret. Your Esthetician can do it for you but she may tack on an extra trimming fee.  When your hair is too long, it’s harder for the wax to get through to the skin and will result in excess tugging, which is not pleasant for you or your Esthetician!


3.  Post-wax Care
Even more important than what you do before your wax is what comes after. On the journey to achieve the ultimate in smooth skin, we are working against mother nature. There is a function to having hair down there, as it provides protection against irritating friction and bacteria. In addition, by removing hair from the root, the follicle is being forced open.  For approximately 24 hours after your wax, your pores are vulnerable to bacteria so it is crucial to treat the skin with an antibacterial cream or essential oil, such as tea tree. You will also need to exfoliate regularly to prevent ingrown hairs from being trapped under dead skin cells. Keeping the skin hydrated is also key as hairs cannot break free of skin that is dehydrated and dry. I recommend using Finipil daily to all of my clients to keep their waxed areas moisturized and blemish free. Lastly, the results of waxing are best when done consistently with the natural cycle of hair growth, and that means every 4 weeks. 

My final words of advice are to give you permission to let your unwanted hair just be. You have every right to rock it natural if that’s what makes you feel good, despite any pressure you may feel from magazines or men. That being said, if you feel better being bare down there and you’ve been attempting to achieve it alone with frustrating shaving attempts and burning depilatories, stop the madness and get a Brazilian wax. I promise, once you wax, you won’t go back!


Kelly Brogan Carlson is the owner of Brogan Skinworks, located in St. Louis Park, MN. She has been a Licensed Esthetician since 2007, graduating with Honors from the Aveda Institute and achieving her Expert Status with the International Dermal Institute in 2012. She believes everyone deserves healthy skin and beautiful eyebrows.
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Photo Credit: Flickr