Date night comes up and once again you have no idea what to do. There's always the traditional things--going to a movie, trying a new place for dinner--but what about a new idea? Here's five new date night ideas to help heat up your summer!

1. Drive-In!--Instead of going to the movie theatre for the millionth time, try the drive-in theatre instead! The drive-in is PERFECT for the summertime, can be cheaper than a movie theatre ticket and will spice up date night.

2. Heat things up in the kitchen!--I know this sounds very simple and not very unique, but making dinner at home can not only save money, but can also be incredibly fun! Pick out some of your favorite recipes (or new recipes), go to your local farmer's market to pick up ingredients and make some fresh, delicious summer dish while saving money NOT going out and spending time together.

3. Get physical!--Either a bike ride around town or a hike around the river or out in the country can be perfect this summer! You don't have to go far to find the perfect spot to work in a work out PLUS some bonding time!

4. Wined it up!--Checkout a local winery! Take a tour of a local winery, grab a bottle and relax in your backyard at sunset for a perfect summer night.

5. Let the music take you away!--Attend a concert in the park, a concert at your favorite venue or go to a summer music festival! There are so many different unique musical experiences that this summer has in store and they are PERFECT places to have an amazing date night!

Photo by Udo Schröter