I have been seeing the dermatologist for years. I have never had "perfect" skin, let alone nearly-perfect skin and make my visits to the dermatologist on the regular in hopes for skin I've always wanted, but never had. I have seen countless dermatologists and skin specialists at different health care facilities. In addition to my countless visits, I have used every prescription and every skincare line known to the skincare world. Nothing has worked.

This past year I finally accepted the fact that my skin will never be how I would like it and I will have to just live with it. I decided to have one last go at trying to find a skin expert and visited the aesthetician at my clinic. This wonder of a woman gave me a few simple tips and tricks on how to achieve the skin I've always wanted. I've already seen results within the past two weeks! So here are my five hints and tips I've learned along my skincare journey that your dermatologist never told you, but you need to know.

1. Rid your makeup bag of any liquid foundations or concealers. I know this sounds crazy--and for me it was almost asking the impossible--but I can promise you it's worth it. Find a good mineral foundation with the coverage you like and stick with just that.

2. After cleansing your face every night with a basic cleanser (preferably one with salicylic acid in it) take an ice cube from your freezer and rub it all around your face for 1-2 minutes. This will help close up your pores and is a quick all-natural fix for bad breakouts.

3. Checkup on your diet and make sure you're not consuming things your body doesn't like. I just recently figured out that I am lactose intolerant and have a slight gluten intolerance. After simply eliminating lactose from my diet my face has appeared so much smoother and more radiant. Try eliminating foods you think may be troubling and then reintroducing them and see what happens.

4. Drink tons of water. Always.

5. Finding a good moisturizer is KEY. I never thought much of a moisturizer, but I just recently started using one and I hate myself for not using it sooner. It will do your skin wonders--I promise.