Love is such a tricky business. When are we supposed to fall in love? When will we know it's the right person? What if it's the wrong person? What if it's the right person but somehow the flame starts to flicker? What happens if you get married and slowly that flame just diminishes? These questions plague women every single day.

We all wonder if we're doing things right, but sometimes more importantly, we wonder if we're doing things wrong. Worries plague us day after day--What should you do on the first date? Better yet, what SHOULDN'T you do on the first date? Should you worry about that text message he got from his ex-girlfriend? What if you and your husband lost the chemistry you once had?

These questions are overwhelming, and sometimes disable us from keeping our minds straight at work, home or just everyday life. I may not be able to give you the answer to every single one of these questions or a magic spell to make your love life "perfect", but I can give you a few simple tips to help make things a little bit easier and enable you to worry less and love more.

Here are ten tips--not exclusive to anyone. Ten tips that can help you sort things out whether you're as single as they come, out in the dating world, in a relationship or even if you've been married for years. We all want healthy, happy and loving relationships--here are ten simple ways to bring you closer to everything you want.

STOP WORRYING-- We all spend minutes, hours and days worrying about things. Whether it be worrying about work, money, school, or anything else life may throw your way, love should not be one of them. Often we spend way too much worrying about things that either don't need to be worried about or aren't even things that should be worried about. Let those things go…you will feel LIBERATED.

KEEP YOUR INDEPENDENCE-- Whether you're single or in a long-term relationship, you need to remember your independence. Remember that you are an individual person and as an individual person you need to have your own independence.

BE YOURSELF-- Always, always, always remember to be yourself. Remember to be yourself from the first date up until the moment you're on the altar and even when you've been married for years. Never compromise your beliefs, ideals or morals. Never, ever sacrifice who you are because of somebody else.

EVERY DAY IS A NEW DAY-- Every single day is a new day. That awful fight that you had with your husband yesterday? Move on. Always keep in mind that you can start out fresh and turn over a new page. It will not only help your relationship, but will help you maintain a good peace of mind.

STOP LOOKING-- Stop searching for love--it will find you. If you are meant to be with someone, the relationship will fall together correctly. Don't spend time trying to find someone, they will come to you when you least expect it.

DON'T BE AFRAID-- Don't be afraid to step out on a limb. Stop looking before you leap. Don't wait for the guy to ask you out--ask him out! Don't be afraid to go outside your comfort zone or go for a guy you wouldn't normally date. Most importantly, don't be afraid to fall in love. It's worth it.

FORGET PERFECTION-- No relationship is perfect. As much as the movies want you to believe that everything will be absolutely perfect, it won't be--and that's okay.

MAKE MISTAKES-- We all make mistakes--and it's alright. Too many people stay focused on their relationship blunders of the past and end up keeping themselves from moving on and letting go. Let go of the mistakes you've made and MOVE ON. Free yourself up for something better in the future and don't be afraid of making more mistakes--they will enable you to grow to your very best self.

DON'T ALWAYS LISTEN-- As ironic as this sounds, don't ALWAYS listen to advice. Sometimes we become so focused on what everyone else thinks or how other people feel towards our own relationships--listen to yourself. Reflect on how you feel about things or about someone and work off of that. As crazy as this sounds, your heart will really speak the truth.

GIVE MORE, EXPECT LESS-- Lastly, but most importantly, never forget to give more and expect less. Stop keeping tally of what he did for you or what you did for him.

So there it is. Ten simple tips. These may not solve every single problem, but they can definitely help along the way. Never give up hope, never lose sight of who you are and never forget to love.