Anyone who has glasses knows the struggles than can often come with them, whether you’re wearing them or not. From smudges to showering blind, glasses come with their own unique issues. Luckily, over at Mashable they put together a list of 11 tricks to help folks out. Here are a few of the best:
  • Diluted dish soap is great for cleaning glasses. Other cleaners contain alcohol, vinegar, ammonia and bleach, which can destroy the coating on glasses.
  • If you have a hard time finding your glasses in the dark, you can put a small line of glow in the dark paint on the case to make them easier to find.
  • Here’s a trick for those who are nearsighted: if you have lost your glasses or left them at home you can use your phone to see things a little bit clearer until you can get them back.
  • In the shower put a rubber band around your shampoo bottle or any other products in order to differentiate them from other similar looking products.
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Source: Mashable