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The Over-The-Knee Boot, or OTKB, has slowly been migrating from runways (and the first act of Pretty Woman) to the shelves of your local fashion retailers. The ultra-tall boots look great on the Amazonian super models and celebs that stomp around in them (see above: Heidi Klum), but what about everybody else? Here are tips to help tentative OTKB’ers wear the style with the confidence it calls for. 
1. Your boots serve a purpose.
Ask yourself what you want that purpose to be then go from there. For example:
-Do you want a comfortable shoe to rock to and from business meetings? Consider sticking to an OTKB with a flatter or chunkier heel.
-Do you want something easy to wear for everyday? A matte black OTKB is generally considered the most subtle and easily worn hue. Brown or grey suede OTKB’s are potentially less versatile but serve to “soften” the look.
-Do you want a sexy statement to teeter in at the clubs? Relegate the stiletto OTKB’s to the “weekend” portion of your closet. Combined with leather up to the thighs, the high heels may be a bit too sexy for the water cooler but just right for a more glamorous location. Try bold designs or flashier materials, but do so cautiously. Patent leather can get out of control fast.
2. Find peace and balance for your outfit
Your shoes and clothes should be a unified front, so remember to pair thoughtfully. 
-High, tight boots warrant a flowy dress, skirt or blouse to complement them. 
-Try keeping the dress/skirt length within an inch above the boots. 
-Choose a blouse or sweater that covers the bum. 
-Avoid skirts that are too short and too tight, or your look may become over-the-top. 
-Expert stylist Rachel Zoe suggests pairing OTKB’s with a sweater layered over a collared shirt. 
3. OTKB’s are allowed to be selfish
Let’s face it, that much boot will claim center stage regardless of its surrounding clothing items and accessories. 
-Try to avoid pairing loud OTKB’s with other statement pieces or dramatic styling choices. Let your boots have their moment (the chunky necklace can wait for more boring shoes).
4. Sizing matters
Sometimes the most important part of getting bold fashion right is just finding the proper fit. 
-Your OTKB’s should just skim the top of the knee. This may vary based on your height (too tall boots on a shorter frame will appear to shrink the wearer). 
-Make sure the boot is fitted to the leg for the most flattering look (with that much material any excess bagginess seems excessive).
Although somewhat intimidating, Over-The-Knee Boots were if fact made for walkin’ and wearing, and now that you have these tips, we hope that’s just what you’ll do.