Confidence. It's a simple, three-syllable word, but it is way harder to have than we all wish. Personally, I have struggled with confidence my whole life. Whether it be not looking pretty enough or thin enough or not being smart enough or good enough, I have struggled with it all. If you are having "a day" where you cannot help but hate your hair/thighs/skin or whatnot and feel less than enough, here are 7 confidence boosters to remind you how fabulous you really are.

1. Smile: It is clinically proven that smiling will indirectly lift your mood and make you feel safe and relaxed. Not only will it lift your mood, but it is bound to lift the moods of all those that surround you. So flash those pearly whites and feel a little more confident.

2. Forget Judgment: Society surrounds us every single day, judging us and telling us who we should be and what we should look like. Smash the image society has created for you. Never judge yourself based on other people's--or society's--standards. You are beautiful as you are.

3. Learn Something New: Learning something new can help boost your confidence in so many ways. Pick up a new hobby and then improve on it and then better yet share your knowledge!

4. Stop saying "I'm sorry": People often apologize for ridiculous things due to insecurities, so stop. Force yourself to quit apologizing unnecessarily and you will feel more self-assured.

5. Failure IS Success: If you fail at something, pick yourself back up and tell yourself that it is okay--because it really is! I have actually learned the most from my failures. If you fail at something, tell yourself it is okay and then LEARN something from it. NEVER beat yourself up for falling down, just get back up as a stronger you.

6. Remind Yourself: Remind yourself that you ARE enough. You are pretty enough, you are smart enough, you are MORE than good enough. You are enough. Never let yourself believe that you are anything less than absolutely fabulous. 

7. Love Yourself: Last, but not least, love yourself for everything you are. The inner beauty you gain from loving yourself will shine through in so many ways.
Now go out and let that beautiful confidence SHINE.