In anticipation of moving into my new apartment, a sudden question popped into my mind--how am I supposed to decorate? But more importantly, how am I supposed to decorate on a budget? In search of new ideas, I've found a few simple ways to spruce up your apartment or house in a cute (but cheap!) way.

1. Pillows, pillows, pillows--Throw some fun, colorful pillows onto your couches, chairs or bed to add in some color and put a little spice in the room. You can find simple, decorative pillows for fairly cheap and they can do a whole lot to amp things up.

2. Change the Scent--This may seem like an extremely simple one, but just adding in a new air-freshener scent can really help mix things up. Be seasonal and fun with the air freshener and make your whole apartment or house smell like summer!

3. Bring Outside Inside--Find some beautiful indoor plants to add some nature to your place. Inside plants will not only bring the outside inside, but can help add a little summer to your rooms! If you don't want to take care of a plant, you can always find awesome faux plants too!

4. Pinterest It Up--Pinterest is FULL of cute project ideas. In search for my own apartment, I found TONS of projects on Pinterest that will add just the right touch of creativity and originality to my apartment while being super fun in the process. Pick a few simple projects on Pinterest to complete to really help add a splash of YOU into your place.

5. Light Things Up--Lighting can either make or break a room. Choosing fun and interesting lighting fixtures can really help add something. Also, just adjusting the wattage of the lightbulbs you use can switch it up too! For example, select a lower wattage to add a romantic and laid-back feel to your rooms.

Photo courtesy of Flower's.Lover