The arrival of spring brings an energy of rejuvenation. In Chinese Medicine, spring is an ideal time for cleansing the body. Both internal and external organs, including your skin, need to be given extra care. Spring into glowing skin with these simple steps:

Clear Skin from Within

Winter’s sluggish ways can lead to a build-up of stagnant energy in our bodies. If your kidneys, liver, and gallbladder aren’t performing optimally, neither can your skin. I highly recommend taking time to do a gentle cleanse that naturally boosts your health, flushes out toxins, and preps your body for this more active season.  Brisk walks and yoga are wonderful at this time too! 

Scrub Down

Dead skin cells are constantly accumulating by the tens of thousands per day.  Shed that winter layer with a deeper level of exfoliation than is in your typical routine. If you’re not already getting regular facials, the spring transition time is ideal to schedule one for a deeper cleanse and professional strength exfoliation.  Ultrasonic peeling (using sound waves to release stubborn impurities from the pores), Microdermabrasion, and light chemical peels are ideal services to seek at this time as they offer non-invasive ways to reveal fresh skin before the sun is at it’s peak.  If you can’t afford a spa visit, consider a DIY Papaya Mask Recipe

Don’t forget your body too. Again, consider scheduling a professional Body Treatment for the benefits of a thorough skin detox. An invigorating Dry body brushing is my favorite way to start off my day. I recommend Ginger Chi’s brush because it comes with informative, easy to follow instructions and you can really feel the difference. This simple, cheap, and quick exfoliation method is amazing for stimulating your lymphatic system (the filtration system of the body). It gives your skin a burst of cell renewal and increases circulation, which helps with cellulite, clogged pores and dry skin. Your self tanners will glide on much more evenly too.

Lighten Up

Your skincare regimen needs to be switched up seasonally. Your skin no longer needs thick, emollient creams since humidity starts to increase as soon as the snow starts melting! If you’ve been using a non-foaming cream cleanser all winter, you may want to swap it out for a gel or clay based cleanser for more oil control. It goes without saying that you need to be using sunscreen all year long. However, with our increase of sunshine and more outdoor time, it’s smart to review your SPF arsenal to ensure you’re using an SPF 30 for optimum solar defense.

Kelly Brogan Carlson is the owner of Brogan Skinworks, located in St. Louis Park, MN. She has been a Licensed Esthetician since 2007, graduating with Honors from the Aveda Institute and achieving her Expert Status with the International Dermal Institute in 2012. Kelly is also a Certified Billion Dollar Brow Artist. She believes everyone deserves healthy skin and beautiful eyebrows.

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