Strategy. Teamwork. A race against the clock. Occasional injury. Anyone who says shopping isn’t sport need only consider the Championship of Consumerism: Black Friday. Rookie or pro, don’t go in unprepared. Take these tips with you.
1. Have a game plan: Prioritize the stores and deals you most want to hit and visit them based on how early they open or how long doorbusters likely last. Save transit time by picking locations that have clusters of stores you want to visit.
2. Train for the big day: There are so many deals online, in newspapers, through phone apps, etc., already waiting to be claimed. Start early and learn about as many deals as you can before the big day.
3. Bring a “playbook”: If you successfully completed tip two then you have all the deals you’ll need memorized by heart. Regardless, don’t forget to bring hard copies of coupons to take advantage of price-matching opportunities.
4. Stay objective: Just because it’s sold at 2AM on Black Friday doesn’t mean it’s necessarily the best deal or a worthy product. Do your research and price compare beforehand to make sure you get your money’s worth.
5. Don’t underestimate the value of teamwork: “The-more-the-merrier” applies for all shopping, but especially on Black Friday. Have one person wait in line while another runs for goods or divvy up the list to save time.
6. Wear the proper gear: Layers are a good solution for staying warm while waiting outside but not overheating from in-store chaos. Comfy shoes are also key.
7. Stay hydrated: Gotta get those electrolytes! But be wary of drinking too much as restroom breaks may not always be easily accessible.
8. Know your competition: Connect with stores via social media and let them tell you all about their deals. Use hashtags like #deals and #blackfriday to insert yourself into conversations about the best shopping opportunities. Refer to platforms like Pinterest for Black Friday sneak peaks and “check in” to Four Square to be rewarded with deals. We recommend using Twitter Lists and Facebook Page Groupings to avoid the sales info from cluttering up your news feed.
9. Avoid injury: Stay safe! Remember that no amount of crazy cheap designer clothing is worth being trampled by a crowd of deal-thirsty shoppers.
10. Be a good sport: Try to have fun and remember that even though you’re competing for the same 70%-off limited-edition television, you’re all in this (early-morning-crazy-cold) together. Consider your shopping karma and remain positive and polite!