We all have relationships--friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, wives, husbands, family--everything. The problem isn't having relationships, it's keeping them. Here are five simple ways to help you improve your relationships with others and set all your relationships up for success.

1. Forgive Easily
Forgiveness plays a pivotal role in relationships. Without forgiveness, a relationship is bound to suffer. By exercising forgiveness, it will be made easier and easier and will soon enough just come naturally. Although sometimes forgiveness may seem like the most difficult thing it will help not only improve the relationship, but will also help you as an individual.

2. Let it Go
If there was a problem, issue or argument in the past LET IT GO. Your relationships will strengthen if you learn to let the little things go and look past the past.

3. Communicate is Key
Communication plays such a major role in the development of good, strong, successful relationships. Not only is communication important, but having effective communication is important as well. It's important of you to communicate with others, but it is also important to make sure you're listening to them.

4. Put in the Effort
You know the old saying, "It's a two way street." --it is. Relationships are in every way a two-way street. In order to make a successful relationship, you must put in the effort. Do not expect only one person to put forth the effort in a relationship, make sure you are playing your part as well. Don't only give 100%, give 110%.

5. Give a Little More
Never stop giving. Relationships will not only succeed, but will flourish if you keep a mindset of giving. Give to others in every way possible, may it only be a phone call letting someone know you're there or surprising someone with their favorite coffee in the morning. You will not only be surprised with how a simple act of giving can bring someone happiness, but you will be surprised with how amazing you feel after you give.

Photo Credit epSos.de