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Sometimes it's easier to distinguish what you don't want instead of pinpointing what you do want, and Valentine's Day is one of those instances. This holiday has always been a conundrum for people everywhere trying to decide how to celebrate the day of love.  If you are drawing a blank, consult this guide to first determine which type of couple you are, and then from there your own unique idea can spur into something specially designed just for you.


For the new couple

The good news for new couples is that there are still the typical date options available to choose from that most other couples have already exhausted. The difference is that it'll be exciting because it's a first for you both, but just keep in mind to not jump into anything outrageous. Both parties in a new relationship would probably agree they don't want things to move too quickly just because the date happens to be February 14th, so it's generally safe to say that no "L-bombs" need be dropped if you don't mean it, nor does a private helicopter ride need to be scheduled after your last date was at a coffee shop. As a new couple, the key is to stick the basics without skimping on making it special.


For the couple that's "been there, done that"

As the couple that has been together for years, the usual trip to dinner and the movies can be so tired to the point where it's practically akin to a root canal. Sometimes it seems you've done it all, but chances are you really haven't! Dig deep—what’s her favorite romantic comedy? Is there a scene that sparked emotion that you could replicate? Or what's a hobby he always does in his free time that you both could enjoy? Anything that shows you're still engaged in their life and care about pleasing them is a good place to start. In earlier relationships, adding company for a double date can take the pressure off, but as a more mature couple it's not suddenly off limits! You can still double or triple date with friends for part of the night to spice up what would have been an ordinary evening of bowling.


For the non-mushy couple

Don't exactly have an evening of feeding each other chocolate-covered strawberries on a bed of rose petals in mind? That's okay! And it doesn't mean your evening will be any less special than the next person's. If going snowboarding or jamming through a virtual Guitar Hero sesh is what will truly make you both happy, then there's no reason to go through the whole Valentine's charade just because that's what is expected of you. Keep in mind, however, that just because your guy or gal isn't mushy on the regular doesn't mean they absolutely wouldn't want that on Valentine's Day. It could be the occasion they've been waiting for that makes all the cheesiness acceptable, so don't overlook their clues that they might just want a night of cuddling with you on that life-size teddy bear.


For the long distance couple

Unfortunately, time and money obligations can keep us from spending this special day with our significant other. Technology is easily one of the best friend's of the long distance couple, and just because you can't actually be together in person doesn't mean you still shouldn't carve out time to text, call or video chat your mate. Also consider the people that are around your significant other to help you out, like having one of their friends deliver a special package you mailed during your Skype session. You'll get to witness their surprise and it'll feel like you were actually there to give it to them.


For singles

Love comes in all forms—love for a friend, love for vintage cars or love for double chocolate fudge molten lava cake. Though you may not have a confidant right now, consider Valentine's Day your chance to indulge in anything and everything you love. So invite your sister over for a wine and cheese night to simply enjoy each other's company, or catch up on your favorite Netflix show with your loyal dog at your side.  Being "alone" is what you make of it, so with the right mindset it doesn't have to be a sob fest.