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It’s frustrating enough trying to stuff flared dress pants into Ugg Boots, not to mention the fact that the look is hideously less than professional.  So instead of trekking salt-encrusted winter boots into the office before changing into your ‘real’ pair of shoes, take a look at our picks that you can wear both in and out of the office during the snowy winter season.


Heels are not off-limits! The key is not going too high to stiletto status and also making sure the heel is wide enough to provide more traction. These Sorel Medina Rain Ankle Boot styles do indeed have ‘rain’ in the name, but don’t let that fool you as the fur insoles are also practical for winter.

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La Canadienne

Weatherproof anything is your best friend when snow, sleet and ice are in the picture. La Canadienne’s comfortable boot collection is just that in addition to standing tall enough to keep the snow out of them.

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This brand of footwear also offers those weatherproof boots that your warm, dry feet will thank you for later!

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These shoes aren’t exclusively for the outdoor working man anymore now that Timberland offers a variety of practical yet stylish boots for women. The rubber outsole is ideal for durability and the leather is waterproof.

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 Already Have Your Own Leather or Suede Shoes to Wear to Work?

No problem, just as long as you invest in some weatherproof spray to protect them!


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