If I were to ask a room full of 100 people to complete this simple fill-in-the-blank, “I am not ____ enough” I can guarantee that every single person would have it filled out. Whether the answer would be I’m not thin enough, or I’m not smart enough or I’m not nice enough—every single person would fill it out in some way. This problem stems from one simple issue in our society: the constant reminder that we are not enough.

Whether society tells us that we are not pretty enough or thin enough or smart enough, society endlessly reminds us that there is some essential piece of the puzzle that each one of us is missing. Society then goes further by instructing us to find that piece, whether we have to spend tons of money trying to buy the thing we are missing or simply endlessly work towards an unachievable goal, we must fulfill that missing element. This whole notion is not only mind boggling, but incredibly worrisome.

The very notion that we somehow don't add up to be enough is the first problem. If we are told we are not enough in some way, we will believe it. Not only will we believe it, but we will also become fixated with it. This fixation can turn into an obsession and this obsession just leads to unhappiness. Now I’m not trying to tell you to not work towards bettering yourself, because I definitely try doing that every single day. However, you need to first, and foremost, appreciate who you are and learn to love yourself for everything you are at this very moment before you can take a step in the direction of becoming a better you. You are enough as you are right in this moment.

You can note an area you need improvement on, but you cannot degrade yourself by waking up every morning fixed in the belief that you are lacking in some way. Instead of doing that, wake up every morning and go to sleep every night reminding yourself that you ARE enough. You are not only enough, but you are worthy of love, praise and happiness. Maybe we are missing a piece, but maybe the missing piece is just simply this: we are missing the piece that tells us that we are enough just as we are, that we can accept ourselves as who we are right in this moment, that there may be no missing puzzle piece after all.