A fawn got itself into a bit of a tricky situation when it hopped into a pool last week. While the pool had water in the deep end, the shallow end was drained and that’s where animal control officers found the small animal curled up on Thursday.
Animal Control officer John Carlson said, “The deer and the fawn had jumped in to get a drink and soak in the water and mom was able to go back up to the shallow end and jump out and the fawn was stranded.”
The city tweeted this picture during the rescue:
After Carlson brought the fawn up on the ladder, she was quickly reunited with her mom. “Once we were on our way outside of the property, she let out a big yelp that sounds like a baby lamb,” Carlson said. “Then she started kicking her legs a little bit.”
Carlson said it’s unusual to find a deer in a pool, but not uncommon for them to be found lying in someone’s backyard. If that’s the case they can be left alone until their mother returns, but if you ever find one in trouble call animal control so they can handle the situation.
Source: Kare11