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By: Aj Mansour | KFAN.com

Minneapolis, MN - In his first and likely only local interview with the Minneapolis media, Vikings running back Adrian Peterson joined KFAN and the Paul Allen Project Tuesday morning to take one final look at the historical season that led to Peterson being crowned MVP.

Peterson reflected on the feelings and emotions that ran through his head as he boarded the team bus in Washington DC with his injured knee wrapped tightly on Christmas Eve of 2011.

"I definitely remember that day," Peterson told KFAN. "Sitting on that bus, looking out the window and having a couple of tears come out my eyes."

Sitting on that bus, mere moments after shredding the anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee, Peterson decided that he wasn't going to let this injury dictate who he was. He made a vow, on that day, that through his response to the injury, he was going to redefine what it means to be motivated, redefine what it meant to work hard and to redefine injury rehabilitation as we know it. 398 days and 2,097 yards later, Peterson found himself standing at the top of the NFL's award show podium receiving the league's most coveted individual award, the Most Valuable Player.

"[The injury] changed my outlook as far as how I need to be doing more," Peterson said. "To be more involved and continue to push myself even more than I did last year. It was a blessing in disguise for me, the injury, I was able to step my game up to a different level and it all came with how I approached it."

As for a follow up season, Peterson has already publicly announced his goal of breaking Eric Dickerson's single season mark and setting a new bar up near 2,500 yards.

Touching on the other leading Vikings news briefly, Peterson commented on the rumors that the Vikings might be shopping wide receiver Percy Harvin by saying, "I wouldn't trade him for nothing!"

"I think he's a good teammate," Peterson said in regards to Harvin. "To do the things that he's able to do, I don't thin there will be a player to do it better than him ever."

Asked about the potential for Harvin and the Vikings to overcome whatever issues may remain between the two parties, Peterson added, "I always feel like that Percy can overcome whatever it is they might be struggling with."

Looking forward to the draft and ahead to the 2013 season, Peterson said that he's "shooting to get a championship."

"I do [like our team for next year]. Any team that can pull together and fight through the things that we had to go through this season, I feel like we are in a good position."

Check out the full interview with MVP Adrian Peterson in the player below...

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