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Photo - Aj Mansour (KFAN)

By: Aj Mansour | KFAN.com

Minneapolis, MN - Percy Harvin requests to be traded. Rick Spielman and the Vikings say they "have no intent" to trade the star wide receiver. Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives.

If this doesn't sound like new news to you that's because in reality, it's not.

It's been an off-season full of rumors and speculation surrounding the current relationship between the Minnesota Vikings and star wide receiver Percy Harvin. Both sides had surely hoped that the situation would have played out a little different, but nonetheless, this is where we are. Rumors continue to fly, neither side will offer confirmation and NFL free agency and the Draft are looming just over the horizon.

The latest in the string of rumors surrounding Harvin comes from the Minneapolis Star Tribune and well known sports columnist Sid Hartman. According to Mr. Hartman, there is no hope for those who are expecting to see Harvin in Vikings purple come the team's April 22nd offseason workouts.

"The latest word from some good sources around the NFL," Hartman says, "is that Harvin, who missed the final seven regular-season games as well as the playoff game because of a serious ankle injury, has told the Vikings that he doesn’t want to play for them and wants to be traded."

This is not the first time that we have heard this sort of notion from the Harvin camp and it's unlikely to be the last tidbit to leak before some sort of resolution is reached.

However, the time to act for the Vikings, may be now.

The NFL Scouting Combine was Rick Spielman's first legitimate opportunity to sit down with other NFL executives from around the league and put out feelers for those who may be interested in acquiring the services of Percy Harvin. Coming back from Indianapolis, the Vikings and Spielman were then able to estimate the trade value of Harvin who has been nothing less than an enigma during his time in Minnesota.

On the field, he is a dominant force, the likes of which there is no comparison in the league today. Off the field, he has proven to be unpredictable and sometimes unmanageable.

With the NFL Free Agency period set to begin at 3pm (central) on Tuesday, March 12th, the Vikings have estimated how many chips they have in Percy Harvin that are ready to be put on the table, ready to deal. The three day window leading up to free agency that teams are allowed to converse with players has already begun. So the plan may already be underway.

If the plan is to deal Harvin, the Vikings would find themselves in the running for free agent wide receivers Mike Wallace, Greg Jennings or Wes Welker. These three names are certain to be the hottest of the hot commodities in this year's free agent class meaning that the Vikings have no time to waste once the market opens on Tuesday.

There's more to this story than what meets the eye and the Vikings may be the only ones who have ALL the information. Because of this, it's no secret that they have already made their mind up on what they will be doing with Percy Harvin.

So for the time being, we in the press, we fans, all we can to is continue to speculate, toss rumors around and mold stories based off of baseless hunches. The only thing that we do know is this. The Vikings are in a position to be active this March/April, and for those of us who follow the team, it should make for some interesting drama.

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