It’s time to clean up your grammar act-- avoid these common mispronunciations and misuses!
1. Anyway (not anyways): This grammatical error is widespread and may be overlooked, but you should drop the “s” anyway.
2. Piqued my interest (not peaked my interest): “Pique” comes from a French word and means to “prick” or “excite.” Peak describes your destination after climbing a mountain. 
3. Regardless (not irregardless): Lose the extra syllable, save time and spare yourself from making this common error.
4. Dog eat dog world (not doggy dog world): The phrase meant to describe a ruthless environment is actually “dog-eat-dog” world. A doggy-dog world would probably be pretty fun though.
5. Voluptuous (not volumptuous): Google defines voluptuous as “giving, characterized by or suggesting pleasure to the senses.” Google defines volumptuous as “Did you mean: voluptuous?”
6. For all intents and purposes (not for all intensive purposes): No matter how intensive your purposes may be, when used correctly this expression calls for an “and.”
7. Mischievous as MIS-CHI-VUS (not mis-chee-vee-us): Three syllables in this one, not four.
8. Moot point (not mute point): Debating this would be moot. 
9. Old-fashioned (not old-fashion): Don’t forget that “ed!” The adjective is formed from a past-participle. 
10. I couldn’t care less (not I could care less): If you could care less that would imply that you at least care a little bit, right?