Emoji users are in for a treat this July. Unicode Consortium, the nonprofit corporation that handles standards for written computer text i.e. emoji, announced that a new update will include 250 new emoji.
Among the new emoji are a floppy disk, printer, spider, the Vulcan salute and the long awaited middle finger emoji. The Unicode Standard blog released a couple of examples of some of the upcoming emojis, which include a chipmunk, thermometer and a hot pepper:
You can check out illustrations of the latest emojis at Unicodes’s website and Emojipedia has the full list of new additions and will update them with their images as soon as they become available. 
The emojis are part of the Unicode Standard version 7.0 for Apple, Google and Microsoft. Whether or not you’ll be able to get them on your phone is now reliant on whether the companies choose to update the software. Is there a fingers crossed emoji for this?