1. Travel Health Kit- The number one essential to have on vacation is to bring or have easy access to a travel kit. It is always better to have one and not need it than it is to be unprepared when a problem arises. A good kit will include Band Aids, upset stomach medicine, antiseptic cream, and any other medications that could be needed.

2. Muscle soreness- It is very common while on vacation t o do something that is out of the usual routine, whether that be rock climbing or surfing or whatever it may be. The result can be sore muscles do to the fact that you don’t usually use those muscles in the way you just have. The best reliever for soreness is to ice the affected area or take a pain relieving pill, and also to alternate between lighter activities and those that could leave you feeling a bit stiff.

3. Foot Blistering- Annoying would be the best word to describe foot blisters, usually caused by new flip flops, walking too much, or walking barefoot. The simple answer to this problem would be to wear the most comfortable shoes possible, but in the event that your feet do get a little beat up the best course of action is to ice your feet. If there are open blisters or small cuts it is also very important to use ointment on them to avoid infection.

4. Motion Sickness- Stomach issues are some of the most awful feelings you can have, and motion sickness is right up there with the most unbearable. That queasy feeling can be remedied by eating a small snack and taking deep breaths. A mind trick that is also helpful is to focus your mind on the flow of the waves or the curve of the road.

5. Sun Poisoning- Perhaps the most damaging long term risk of vacations, is being in the sun to long and getting more than just sun burn. With the long term risk of skin cancer, it is extremely important to always wear proper amounts of sunscreen and use aloe lotion to eliminate the burning sensation of fried skin. Aspirin may also help with any excess pain from the burn.


Source: U.S. HealthWorks

Photo: Getty Images