Arizona's My Petting Zoo just welcomed their latest addition: Butterfly the geep. The newborn is a cross between a pygmy goat and a sheep and she's stealing hearts everywhere! Not even the owner of the petting zoo, Priscilla Motola, was expecting her.

"We were not aware that she was even pregnant," Motola told TODAY about Butterfly's mother. "We noticed she got a little bigger, but we thought she was just eating more."

Butterfly has a goat's face and feet, but the wool and tail of a sheep. Motola told TODAY, "She's a little more like a goat. She's just running and jumping left and right."

Currently My Petting Zoo is closed to due to the heat of the summer, but Butterfly will be open to visitors along with the other animals once the weather gets cooler. In the meantime you can check out more adorable pictures of Butterfly at My Petting Zoo's Facebook page.


Source: TODAY