Thanksgiving dinner at my house is always chaos. Every Thanksgiving ends in some disaster—I cooked the stuffing entirely wrong, someone forgot the key ingredients for the pumpkin pie, my mom’s turkey is still frozen when 8pm rolls along—it has all happened. However, you have no reason to worry this Thanksgiving.

 Buzzfeed released a fool-proof guide to Thanksgiving dinner, for both beginners and advanced cooks alike. This guide not only gives you everything you’ll need to cook your dinner, but gives you perfect pieces of advice and a complete ingredient list of EVERYTHING you’ll need to make this Thanksgiving the very best.

So, sit back and relax. No need to worry that Aunt Tilly will forget the mashed potatoes or your brother will ruin your perfect dessert, we have you all set for the most successful Thanksgiving you’ll ever have, all you need to do is follow this link: