Chase Rice owns 30% of the most downloaded country song in history, but don’t think that has gotten to his head.

Rice hasn’t touched any of the money he has received from helping to write Florida Georgia Line’s Cruise

“It's 100 percent still there. It's going toward a house at some point." Rice told USA Today.

Rice, 27, grew up playing soccer and baseball with FGL’s Brian Kelley in Florida and the two even shared a home together in Nashville. The two friends began writing with Kelley’s band mate Jesse Rice (no relation), and they came up with the country mega hit.

“Out of nowhere to my left, Brian hits a chord and starts humming a melody which ended up being Cruise." Rice tells USA Today.

It is this kind of patience that has Rice looking at the long haul of his career, and not short term success. "Fame is cool and all, but that's not what I'm chasing. I'm chasing a career full of music that I love and I'm able to put out."

Rice hasn’t always had his focus entirely on music, as a football player at the University of North Carolina; Rice had his eyes on the next level until his junior year. "First game of the season, second quarter, hit the quarterback, went down, ankle, snapped," with his season over Rice focused on coming back stronger for his senior year.

Before his final year began however, Rice’s father suddenly passed away. “That ended up hurting my season more than the injury did," Rice says. "I just wasn't there."

Rice overcame the adversity by focusing on music and now will be releasing his third studio album this fall on what would be his father’s birthday (Aug 19).

Chase Rice doesn’t focus on short term success or even being the man in the spotlight, instead his main goal is to put together a long and consistent career, a mentality he very well could have gotten from his football days. Something tells me Rice is on the right track to shatter his future goals.



Photo: Getty Images