Thanks to a couple in Waseca, the “Hidden Cash” trend has now hit Minnesota. The couple, who are trying to remain anonymous, have begun leaving cash around the city and then sending out tweets with clues as to wear the money has been hidden.
The “Hidden Cash” frenzy originally began in California when a man began hiding cash and tweeting out its location. Since then, people in Washington, Texas, Louisiana and now Waseca have mimicked the original stunt.
While the donors are keeping their identities anonymous, they said, “Well, it wasn’t just about leaving cash. We thought, what a great way to have some fun and get people out to explore their own city.”
The scavenger hunt game has gotten many residents hitting the streets in order to find a little extra cash, but it’s also bringing big smiles. Gretchen Hodapp, who found one of the cash filled envelopes, said, “I would like to thank them because it’s a really good idea. It’s like a treasure hunt.”
Check out their twitter account @WasecaCash and maybe you can score some extra money and get a chance to explore the city too.
Source: CBS Minnesota