Following a car accident that triggered an autoimmune disease, Justin Skeesuck was left unable to stand, walk or use his upper body. That didn't stop him from going on the adventure of a lifetime with his lifelong best friend, Patrick Gray.

When Skeesuck decided that he wanted to go on the 500 mile trek through the Pyrenees mountains and the deserts of Spain despite being wheelchair bound, Gray wanted to be the one to push him. The pair started a funding page called and on June 3 they set off on their adventure.

The journey wasn't easy, but the pair found support in total strangers. "The whole point is these people didn’t have to stop. They could have just kept on walking," Skeesuck told "But our journey showed that if you jump out in faith, then with the help of community and with love, amazing things happen."

On July 12 the two friends finished the monstrous hike in Santiago de Compostela. Not only were their wives there to greet them, but hundreds of people had shown up to support them. "And it was so amazing at that moment, knowing that all these people loved me and supported me through this whole thing - complete strangers - and knowing we did it together," Skeesuck said.

A four-person crew documented the friends' journey and with some additional funding they hope to release a film sometime next year. 

To see more pictures and hear more about Skeesuck and Gray's story checkout their Facebook page I'll Push You.


Source: TODAY