Most people outgrow their terrible budget-saving diets of Ramen noodles and frozen pizza soon after college.

This is not true for 38-year-old Dan Janssen, a vegetarian who hates vegetables. So instead, he eats pizza every day...and has for 25 years.

"I like processed food. I like preservatives and pizza. My dad's the same way, too. He had triple bypass surgery and then a week later went out and had a huge steak dinner," Dan said in an interview with

Dan's diet of processed foods and microwave dinners may be a contributing factor to his diabetes. And Dan has had his share of scary incidences when his blood sugar has dropped. One time he passed out while driving and totaled his brand new car.

But Dan stands by his pizza diet, despite the obvious health problems it has caused him.

"I must say, even though I sound like a horribly unhealthy and fat person, I'm not. I'm thin. I have tons of energy, and I feel great every day, so there might be something to the exclusive pizza diet," Dan told

Dan's fiancée encouraged him to see a therapist and see why he has such aversions to other foods. But so far, Dan has not changed his ways.

"I've been eating pizza exclusively every day of my life for the past 25 years, and I'm not just talking about a slice of pizza every day. I usually eat an entire 14" pizza, and I only eat cheese pizza. I never get sick of it. If I go to one pizza shop or another brand, it's like eating a completely different meal," Dan told

Check out this short documentary of Dan and see what you think of his diet...and whether or not you could do it: