Manuel Linares, a Spanish physicist, has developed a new ice cream that changes colors as it’s licked! Linares has a Masters Diploma in Creating Artisan Ice Cream and he came up with the recipe while participating in a cooking course in Barcelona.
The ice cream, which is called Xamaleon, starts out pale blue and then a server sprays a “love elixir” onto it, which turns it purple and then eventually it transforms to pink. The colorful ice cream is supposed to have a fruity flavor and is sold by Linares’ company IceXperience.
Linares has not revealed the recipe behind the ice cream, but he told Cocinatis that the color-changing recipe is all-natural. He’ll continue to remain tight-lipped while the patents are pending, but in the meantime Linares is hoping to find more buyers who are willing to sell the ice cream.
Check out the video of this crazy color changing ice cream below:


Source: Tech Times