We all have seen crazy signs in stores, on the street, or just around in public areas. However, I have never seen a crazier sign than the one in Sochi found by an Olympian as he settled in before the opening ceremony. Mashable reported that Sebastian Toutant, Canadian snowboarder, tweeted a lovely picture of a sign he found in a Sochi bathroom.

In Sochi, much unlike any "bathroom rules" here like flushing when you're done or washing your hands, they are very particular about how you can go about conducting your business. So particular, in fact, that they include six positions of using the restroom with only one deemed acceptable and the other five marked with a big red X.

The Sochi sign does remind us of simple rules like no standing to use the toilet, squating on the toilet or getting sick in it, but also includes two very fascinating ones. The sign bans Olympians from taking drugs while using the restroom and fishing in the toilet.

Now, I'm not so sure about you, but I've never attempted FISHING in a toilet. You may think the craziest part of this story is the sign banning fishing...but I'm more curious as to what the story behind the banning of fishing may actually be. Afterall, someone is Sochi must have once been compelled to do just that.

Here are a few more of the bizzare and great tweets comign out of Sochi: