April Showers bring May flowers but that doesn't make them any less irritating. If your spirits are feeling dampened from this weather, here are some places to find sunshine indoors. 

1. Como Park Conservatory or Sculpture Garden's Cowles Conservatory: Spring encapsulated…these green, beautiful and dry spaces will rejuvenate your rain drenched psyche. 



2. Bell Museum of Natural History: Spotting forms of wildlife in a diorama is no match to sighting them in nature, but it beats sitting inside all day. 


3. Roller Garden: Not the Spring garden you may have imagined, but beautiful in its own right. Roller skate back in time under a shiny disco ball while enjoying bright and summery tunes.


4. Walker Art Center: Rain may have you feeling confined physically, but it can't limit you from broadening your intellectual horizons. Explore famous art at the Walker Art Center.


5. Local volunteer organizations: Spread a different sort of sunshine by finding organizations that can use your help. Handsontwincities.org has plenty of ways to do good away from the rain.

6. Union Enclosed Rooftop: Dine outside-in under the Union Rooftop's retractable roof. Patios in the Spring and Summer are a delight--MN's persistent precipitation should not rob us of this pleasure!


7. Bryant Lake Bowl: Craving sport but stuck inside? Bowl! If old enough to indulge, check out Bryant Lake Bowl's 3pm-6pm happy hour and knock back some drinks along with pins. Take the edge off this cool Spring!


8. New Hope Cinema Grill: There's no better or quicker escape than cinema. Head to New Hope and grab a meal while your imagination is taken to greener pastures.


9. Water Park of America: Let's go Surfing now (everybody's learning how). Head to the largest indoor water park in the country to check out the Flow Rider Surf Simulator. Embrace the H2O--you're already damp from the rain anyway! 


10. Mall of America: While you're in Bloomington for the water park you might as well pop over to MOA. It's not summer yet but you can pretend. Check out summer clothes, grab an ice cream cone then roam through Nickelodean Universe. The large space is naturally lit and full of foliage, but rain free.


Stay dry and maintain hope! Spring has been chilly but warmth is on the way!