Sam Woolf Celebrates his "Save."
Photo Credit: Fox
Last week the top eight remaining Idol contestants sang for their lives. Votes were submitted, breaths were held, results were read, and now the pool of competition…remains exactly the same. Although he received the lowest amount of votes, resident "heart throb" Sam Woolf was saved by the judges. 
Thus Top-Eight-Round-Two will commence tomorrow night. Idol will embrace the "eight" with 80s Week, asking contestants to perform songs from the, like, totally tubular decade. 
This week's elimination episode could provide double-drama, based on Idol's past tendency to send home two contestants the week after a "save" is used.
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In case you forgot from last week, here are the contestants that remain:
Sam Woolf
C.J Harris
Alex Preston
Malaya Watson
Dexter Roberts
Caleb Johnson
Jena Irene
Jessica Meuse