Sam Woolf escaped elimination once before, and he very narrowly escaped it again last Thursday thanks to an Idol twist. 

Ryan Seacrest revealed that the remaining five contestants could save the performer with the fewest votes. The choice to save would have to be unanimous and would turn next Thursday into a double elimination round. Three of the five contestants voted in favor of the twist--not enough for the save. Soon after Seacrest revealed Sam Woolf would have to head home.

The final four Idol hopefuls have faced a season rife with goodbyes and second chances. This week they'll get to work through their emotional roller coaster rides in song. Wednesday's two-hour show will feature music about breaking up and making up. Don't miss Thursday's elimination show--as last week revealed, anything could happen.

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Final Four:

Alex Preston

Caleb Johnson

Jena Irene

Jessica Meuse