(Photo courtesy of cogdogblog)

Wow, talk about turning trash into treasure!

Late last night I did a quick load of wash and as always I checked the lint screen on the dryer and there was a ton there since I am the only member of the household that checks it before powering up the dryer.

Sure it might sound a little weird, but did you know there are actual uses for dryer lint.  I only knew about one and that's because I was in Boy Scouts.

1. Firestarter for bonfires. It's really flammable stuff which is why you need to really work hard to get it out of the deep recesses of your dryer. By the way, it doesn't smell that great when it's burning so stand back.

2. Cage liner for animals.

3. Mulch for your garden. When wet it really holds moisture.

4. To make paper.

5. Nesting material for wild animals.

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