Elizabeth Jenkins of Huffington Post has some tips for all-day energy...

11 Secrets To All-Day Energy

1. Go Off The Grid

2. Be Grateful For The Craziness

3. Stay Revved On The Road- in other words, if you travel a lot keep with your workouts.  

4. Pump Up Your Playlist

5. Surgeons Have The Right Idea...

Mary A. Hooks, M.D., surgeon at Vanderbilt University says when she has long days in the operating room, she keeps her energy up by ALWAYS doing these 3 things:

     1.Make time for meals and snacks.

     2. Wear comfortable shoes.

     3. Surrounds herself with energetic people.

6. So Do People Who Are Funny For A Living- Molly McNearney, co-head writer for "Jimmy Kimmel Live": "I'm surrounded by the funniest people and laugh a lot at work. Laughter keeps me energized.

7. Do What You Love And You'll Never Drag A Day In Your Life

8. Sometimes You Need To Check. The. Heck. Out.

9. Get Your Heart Pumping

10. Connect With Your Pep Squad

11. Find What Juices You (And Do It Often)

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