The Huffington Post asked its readers on Facebook and Twitter to list vintage, slang terms they wish would make a comeback.  

Here are the most popular responses...

1. Groovy. 
Meaning: Awesome.

2. Swell.
Meaning: Excellent. Fabulous.

3. Radical.

Meaning: Cool. (Not extreme.)

4. Scram. 
Meaning: Get out of here. Immediately. 

5. Neat.
Meaning: Cool. (Not tidy.)

6. Funky.
Meaning: Cool or stylish. (Not smelly or stinky.)

7. The bee's knees.
Meaning: Used to tell someone they are simply the best.

8. Cool beans. 
Meaning: Agreed.

9. Tubular.

Meaning: Excellent. Incredible. Terrific.

10. Hot to trot.
Meaning: Eager. Ready to go.

11. Wicked. 
Meaning: Ultra cool. Impressive. (Not evil.)

Are there any you'd add to the list?

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